OHD Akevitt

OHD AKEVITT has been matured for 12 months in American oak casks that give the spirit its light golden hue and full-bodied character.

After a long history of state monopolies on alcohol production in Norway leading to total control of the market, OHD wants to bring authenticity back to the aquevit category.

At OHD we follow our own path and style, using only botanicals found in Norway. We have carefully sourced locally foraged ingredients such as meadowsweet, heather flower, St. John's wort, dandelion root, angelica root, yarrow, chamomile flower, sorrel, hyssop and horehound to use in our recipe.

OHD AKEVITT is a tribute to Norway and the Norwegian aquevit traditions

A blend of 13 different herbs and spices

Caraway, meadowsweet, hyssop, yarrow, heather, sorrel, St. John's wort, chamomile, dandelion, wormwood, angelica root, horehound