Fjæra rosè gin

Fjæra rosè gin is our interpretation of what a craft pink gin should be. That occurs mean that we only use natural colour, flavourings and no added sugar in Fjæra. The colour comes from red wine casks from St. Emilion in Bordeaux and is also the reason for we are calling it a rosè gin. The raspberry flavour comes from the gin being infused with Norwegian raspberry's after barrel ageing.
Fjæra, the Norwegian name for shoreline, takes its inspiration the long and bright Nordic evenings in the summertime. This is the time of year when Norwegian feels draw towards the archipelagos and fjords. After a long hot day nothing feels better than sitting on a pair and looking at the sun that never really sets but just shine bright pink as it touches the horizon. On should not sleep away those few and long Nordic summer nights that are filed with light-hearted fun, a sense of carelessness and the joy of life. After a long, cold summer this is when the Norwegian people reenergize, and our plants generate their full flavours.

 Fjæra Rosè gin is distilled with 12 botanicals

Juniper, heather, meadow sweet, Rose hip, elderflower, yarrow, bilberry, chamomile, bog myrtle, rhubarb and ground ivy.

 We recommend serving it with a classic tonic water with a lemon zest and fresh raspberries as garnish.

Fjæra is also perfect in a Clover club cocktail. 60 cl Fjæra, 1 egg white, 15 ml lemon juice, 15 ml raspberry syrup*. Add all the ingredients into a shaker with ice and shake. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with 3 speared raspberries. *Instead of raspberry syrup, you can muddle 3 or 4 fresh raspberries and 15 ml simple syrup (1 part sugar, 1 part water).