Blank Akevitt

Our mission with BLANK AKEVITT was to create the perfect unaged aquevit to be served neat or for use in cocktails.

BLANK is made using similar botanicals used in our OHD AKEVITT; with the addition of ingredients like juniper to make it more suitable for cocktails.

Our BLANK AKEVITT is made with cocktails in mind, but can also be enjoyed neat or accompanied with food.

A blend of 9 herbs and spices

Caraway, Meadowsweet, Heather Flower, Angelica Root, Juniper berry, Sorrel,  Chamomile flower, St. John's wort.

"A complex spirit that gives an edge to classic cocktails. Perfect accompaniment for a weekend at a cabin during the summer or winter months"
- Marius Vestnes, CEO CASK