About OHD

Established in 2015, OHD was co-founded by Marius Vestnes of Cask Norway, Marcin Miller of Number One Drinks and Martin Krajewski. Key to starting up was Dave Gardonio, a graduate of Edinburgh's Heriot-Watt University and a trained biochemist, brewer and distiller. Dave has now been succeeded by Matt McMillan here at OHD.

The distillery is located just a stone's throw from Oslo's longest river, the Alna, situated in the Bryn neighbourhood of Norway's capital city. A long-established industrial district, traders first came to Oslo and settled in the area in the 1880s, the distillery's original red-brick building dates back to this time.

In 1927 the State Wine Monopoly acquired Norway's last operational distillery, signifying the end of proud local and independent distilling traditions. OHD is dedicated to bringing these back and to the creation of high quality artisanal spirits enriched with Norwegian botanicals. Nordic traditions within brewing and distilling are an important part of local culinary history and Norwegians passion for foraging (nyttevekst) goes hand-in-hand with this. Scandinavian customs, foraging and the Nordic way of life all contribute to the philosophy of OHD.

With craft and nature at the forefront, locally grown botanicals emphasise the provenance of our spirits.