Distillations And Courses

Kr. 550 per person
Inc. Tour, mixing master class, Product talk, & Distillation for 4hrs
*Minimum 10pax.

Book the unique experience and challenge your friends and colleagues to a "gin-off". Find out who makes the best gin in our 2ltr pot stills. You can also try your hand at making Akevitt if that's your drink of choice.
In the time you are with us you will learn the history and production methods of Gin and Akkevit. You will learn how to make spirit and you get to taste the range of products we make at the distillery.

You will learn the methods used by bartenders to create cocktails.

Teams will have the opportunity to make cocktails and distil Spirit.

You can then collect at a Vinmonopol of your choice.

Contact elias@oslohd.no to book.